About GISTotal

Conscious Businesses

GISTotal is a system for management of sustainability indicators, aimed at companies that want a tool to assist in the generation of the Annual Report

It allows the management of organizational indicators using global sustainability standards facilitating the generation of the organization's Annual Report

In addition, it allows you to identify trends and manage performance with dashboards and configurable features of reports and form of display. Enabling decision-making when identify potential risk indicators

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Tool implemented according to international sustainability parameters
To meet global recommendations for the management of global indicators


Use of indicators for management and decision-making


Accessibility to information at any time


Integration of data between business units


Frequency monitoring


Allows selection of desired indicators and miscellaneous indicator register


Inclusion of files

Each organization creates impacts that reach well beyond its immediate surroundings, or its closest collaborators and clients

For hundreds of individuals and organizations, the sustainability reporting process is the best way to understand and measure the extent of these impacts

GISTotal helps you and your organization in the reporting process

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